Thursday, March 13, 2008
Rumors of My Premature Demise Have Been Grossly Exaggerated
"I'm not dead yet!"

"You will be soon."

"NO! I feel better!"

(Third party) - "Look - I can't take 'im like that."

"I feel better!"


That's from a Monty Python skit but I'm too wiped out to quote it accurately or google it, okay? Do it yourself.

I'm not quite dead, but I am a one-woman biological warfare experiment.

Feel like hell. Took yesterday off with fever. Now, no fever, but can't breathe and still very fuzzy. Sinus headache. watery eyes. dizzyness. chapped nose. So, don't expect much from me until I am free of this bug.
posted by Phoenix | 8:07 AM


At 12:18 PM, Anonymous Dave said...

Whoa. Me, too. I'm hoping it's allergies, but I've been miserable for the last two days with the same symptoms you describe. I, unfortunately, opted to go to work . . .

I hope you get to feeling better!


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