Friday, September 05, 2008
On Burning the Candle at Both Ends
As I have posted recently, things have been hoppin' for me professionally. Things have been in transition for some time and I've just been hangin' on.

In the last month in particular, things have become particularly...heavy. I've been hard at work, with my nose to the grindstone, burning the candle at both ends, insert your own tired metaphor here.

Well, today made it all worthwhile.

And not in a small way.

In a HUGE way.

On the one hand, I am supremely aware of how fortunate I am, of the great opportunity I am being given and the trust being placed in me. It is humbling, in a way. On the other hand, I deserve this.

Hey, I'm no Sarah Palin, but I am a rockstar too, in my own little world.

If you have my personal email and want all the glorious details, drop me a line. I won't promise not to gloat though. I've been pretty pleased with myself all day in a mildly insufferable way.

YeeHaw! Phoenix is all about the self-esteem right now. Phoenix loves the positive strokes. (a lot of us Type A, detail-oriented perfectionists do).

Can I get one more in there?

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