Tuesday, September 02, 2008
Liberals and Conservatives
I have this theory regarding Liberals and Conservatives and how they differ. It plays into why I call myself a Conservative too.

Here's my theory.

Liberals are idealists while Conservatives are pragmatists.

Liberals are all about universal healthcare and a universal living wage, free education for all, and universal equality, etc ad nauseum. These are good ideas, certainly, if you live in some sort of fantasy bubble where the laws of economics, physics, and the other immutable laws cease to be.

For example, universal healthcare is a fabulous idea, but it falls apart when you begin to take a serious look. For example, who the fuck is going to pay for it? When you start looking at ways to pay for this pie in the sky, you realize it is a quick route to bankrupting an economy. And then, there's the whole quality issue. The truth that Michael Moore won't tell you is in places like England and Canada and Cuba, universal health care really means universally poor health care.

Conservatives, on the other hand, are more pragmatic. They realize that the world isn't some sort of nirvana where the laws of economics, physics, and simple human nature can be changed by fiat. Universal health care, while a good idea, isn't feasible. Can we work toward more affordable healthcare? Yes. Will it be free? No. Will everyone be covered? No. But, it will be better.

Liberals always strike me as four-year-olds, incessantly asking "why?". Sometimes, the solutions aren't easy. A lot of the time, when you get out of the sandbox and start paying your own bills, you realize that you do what you can and make the best of the rest. Liberals, in my experience, for the most part, don't think things through to the logical conclusions. They don't even have enough curiosity to come up with a plan to make their pie in the sky feed the masses. They just want it, and by God, that ought to be enough.

Maybe that works for Hello Kitty, but not so much for Adults in the real world.

Hey, look. Gripe about the lack of posts and this is what you get.
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