Saturday, January 10, 2009
Holy Frijole!
This girl has been super busy of late.

Everything between Christmas Eve and...yesterday is a blur. It has just been crazy!

Santa Claus came to town. He brought a new kitchen set with a big red bow for Bunny Boop. She was delighted. She also loves her new puppy. Relax! It is a "Fur Real Friend", a teacup yorkie that sits in a little purse and yips. Very cute. He spends a lot of time in her kitchen.

We also celebrated Bunny's birthday. She had an icecream cake and it was very low key. She got some play doh and a Fisher Price Cool School computer (which was a HUGE hit) and, most surprisingly, a dress up trunk of Disney Princess costumes that she loves. We have five or six costume changes per day, easy. She's actually better at walking in heels than I am! She's forever chattering on about her necklace and her jewels. She won't take off the's been fun.

Winter shows no signs of abating. We've had snow, then ice, and finally more snow. For the friends of ours who are still harvesting tomatos from their home gardens and the 75 degree weather in Pasadena, I'll trade either of you. I've got a ton of snow with your names on it. Just tell me where you want it delivered!

Work is still good. Busy, of course. The market has been very volatile, but it is good to be busy.

Okay. Checking out...
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At 6:21 AM, Anonymous Christina said...

Very glad to see you guys had a great Christmas. Please send pictures of the pretty girl and her toys!

A little snow might be nice...

; )

Take care!


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