Tuesday, January 13, 2009
A REAL Movie Star
Being the mother of a 3-year-old does not afford one a lot of free time. Even so, Prince Charming arranged a babysitter for Sunday afternoon and took me to the movies and then an early dinner.

We saw the movie of his choice, Gran Torino.

I wanted to see this film, but mostly because I like Clint Eastwood. Did I have to see it in the theater? No. But, my Prince wanted to see it and I'm angling for a companion for a movie of my choice.

First off, the film is AMAZING. I laughed, I cried, I nearly wet my pants. It is THAT good. And, as opposed to most films today, it met the critical test. That being, after paying the price of admission and buying two sodas and a large popcorn, we didn't feel like we'd been cheated. Seriously! You get $30 invested and you expect something for your time and money. This movie delivers. You will not regret your full-price ticket.

So, now that I've recommended the film, let me share with you the thing that kept going through my mind as I watched Clint Eastwood on the big screen.

"This guy is a REAL movie star."

I couldn't help but be impressed by Eastwood. And, that is to say, he didn't surprise me. As I said, I am a fan of his work. What impressed me is the fact that Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Will Smith...couldn't have done what Eastwood did. Oh, they are all pretty on screen, but Eastwood is gritty. Eastwood is a man. Clooney, Pitt, and all of those metrosexuals in Hollywood that grace the covers of the tabloids don't appeal to me. They are gloss and body butter and ego where Eastwood is...real. There is nothing vapid about Eastwood the man or his performance. This man is blood, sweat, callous, and grit. He knows how to get into a saddle, knows how to handle a firearm, knows how to treat people. Clooney, Pitt, and all the others are as flat as the image in their mirrors and quite pale by comparison.

You don't go to see an Eastwood film because Eastwood is beautiful, although he appeals to a woman who appreciates a real man, but because he excels at his craft. In Gran Torino, Eastwood's character is a veritable grouch. He's offensive and mean, downright nasty in some cases. And yet, Eastwood makes us love him. We intrinsically know where Eastwood's character is coming from. It isn't that we sympathize, we simply recognize Eastwood's character as one of the good guys. A flawed good guy, but definitely one of the good guys.

Pitt, Clooney, Cruise, et al...don't have it in them.

What we need in Hollywood are some actors and lot fewer celebrities.
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