Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Slippery Slope to End of Freedom
I am not a conspiracy theorist.

I am not a nut.

I am a reasonable woman, a wife and mother. A conservative.

My parent's instilled in me a work ethic, a sense of honor, a sense of personal responsibility. My father made sure that I understood the Constitution and our democratic republic form of government. He made sure that I understood it was my responsibility to be informed, have an opinion, and vote my conscience. I hope to someday instill these same values in my own daughter.

Yet now, I greatly fear for the continuation of the basic tenetsf of our civilization.

President Obama is working tirelessly to pulverize our freedoms. One by one, he's ticking off the liberties you and I have like some sort of grocery checklist.

Second Amendment: in the basket.
First Amendment: in the basket
Secret Ballot: in the basket

I am going to try to contain my emotion here, but I make no promises whatsoever.

President Obama, despite his protestations that he wasn't going to go after individual gun owner's weapons, clearly intends to do just that. He's de-funded the Bush Administration's measure to allow airline pilots to carry weapons in the sky, effectively disarming the last line of defense in the event of future hijackings. He seems to be saying that these people can be trusted with the lives of hundreds of people, drive what terrorists clearly consider to be a well-fueled ballistic missile, but not to pack a small handgun and ammo. Talk about a disconnect. I'm not sure I want to be on an airplane anymore!

More than just the armed pilots, we are now seeing the results of a measure that will severely curtail the amount of ammunition available on the domestic civilian market. You know that if law enforcement can't get ammo, Daddy's going to have a tough time and I guess Mommy is going to have to throw kitchen knives and rolling pins at her attacker.

It is disgusting, but no less than I expected from the megalomanical liar that is our President.

So, in a few years, we'll effectively be disarmed. Start hoarding ammo now, boys.

Next up, the First Amendment. Obama will not suffer criticism, will not tolerate alternate opinions. Joe the Plumber's treatment at the hands of Obama's loyal followers should have been heeded more closely. Joe the Plumber was the guy in Ohio who was out in his own front yard playing ball with his kid when Obama the candidate showed up on his street with a camera crew. It was Obama who approached Joe and Joe who asked the now famous question on economics. Obama's answer, about redistributing wealth, was a harbinger of doom. It was a deeply telling and deeply embarassing moment for Obama and he took a lot of heat for it. But, before the sun had set on that day, Obama's goons were already investigating Joe the Plumber's tax situation, his custody arrangements, etc. The were dead-set on getting the guy somehow. Why? Because he had the temerity to ask an honest question that Obama couldn't answer?

If only that was the only example! Rush Limbaugh has suffered mightily from the Obama Administration and is the primary reason that Democrats want the Fairness Doctrine back. Liberal media is a loser, has been proven to be a loser, but somehow, Limbaugh keeps succeeding. So, instead of bringing a product to market that has an audience, they are going to mandate what is available. This makes no damn sense, but Democrats never let a little thing like logic impede them. Did they stop at Limbaugh? Of course not! Rick Santelli and Jim Cramer got the same treatment, for doing nothing more than speaking their opinion.

You have to agree that this is wrong. You have to agree that short of shouting "fire" in a crowded theater and putting lives in jeopardy, these men have a right to voice their opinions in a public forum, be heard, and not see this sort of victimization? If you allow these things to happen, it is a slippery slope to there only being one opinion and anyone with the temerity to speak otherwise finds themselves in a woodchipper.

That is not freedom. That way lies dictatorship.

Let's move on to another sacred fundamental, shall we? Let's talk Card Check. Let's talk about how the Democrats want to elimate the need for a secret ballot. Let's talk about how utterly wrong this is!

Democrats and their Union campaign piggy banks want to eliminate the need for a secret ballot in the unionization process. That way, the tactics of intimidation are so much more effective, you know. Then, they can collect more membership dues, plump the pockets of more democrats, and take away more freedoms.

I've written about it before, I despise unions. I've never worked for one myself, but my husband has. The "good" of unions has long been outweighed by the "bad." Unions originally were about protecting workers through the power of numbers. No more. Now unions are about enriching those who are too incompetent to do real work at the expense of those who do and putting those same workers' lives in jeopardy all the while lobbying Congress for more power.

The union of which my husband was a member sucked in a huge way. Each month he paid dues, automatically deducted from his paycheck, and each year, never fail, it did no good. The union never actually helped him. The union worked very hard to make sure his work ethic and ambition never did him any good. The union worked very hard to make sure that his ability to solve problems never did him any good either. The union preserved the jobs of people who were high or drunk at work who by their very presence made the workplace dangerous. To the union, my husband was #12,606. And, there were 12,605 people more important than him, maybe a couple hundred less important. My husband has a work ethic. He never showed up late, frequently did any extra thing he was asked. Did he benefit? Of course not. He got the same raise everybody else got because that's the way the union wanted it.

The idiot who had to be retrained every few hours got the same raise.
The asshole who made the workplace a hostile environment got the same raise.
The lazy no-account bastard who showed up but managed not to accomplish a damn thing got the same raise.

Management might have identified the value in my husband's hard work, but the union saw fit that they never rewarded him for it. His only opportunity for advancement was in choosing a position of leadership in the union. Become a cock-sucking asshole? No chance of that happening.

So, imagine your workplace. Whether there are five employees or 500, imagine how you'd feel if someone was trying to unionize and you weren't allowed a secret ballot. Is that fair? Is that the American Way?

I would argue that is strongly the opposite, that it is diametrically opposed to the American Tradition.

It may not be the American Way, but it is clearly the Obama Way.

I urge you to contact your representation in Washington, DC and let them know your concerns.

For we are surely headed down a slippery slope to the end of the freedoms we regularly take for granted.
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