Wednesday, August 26, 2009
You had to go there
Look, I was going to stay above the fray. I was going to let the dead rest and the grief-stricken bear their sorrow without my commentary.

I didn't like the man's politics or his character, but I wasn't going to go there.

That is, until Democrats saw Ted Kennedy's death as a political opportunity. Robert Byrd wants the Obamacare healthcare bill renamed in Kennedy's honor. Pelosi is also promising that Kennedy's favorite cause will see passage of a bill.

So, since they couldn't let the man pass without bringing in politics, neither shall I.

I saw it on Ace of Spades and think we should change the name to honor Kennedy. Let's call it ChappaquiddiCare. Damn, wish I had thought of that!

Let this be a lesson to the Left. There are some who you shouldn't use as poster boys. And, of course, using a moment of grief to score political points is tacky.
posted by Phoenix | 11:44 AM


At 5:31 PM, Blogger Noble Eagle said...

Totally shameless. Of course they are politicians, after all. Total shamelessness is their usual Modus Operandi.


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