Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Fired for Being French
This is hilarious!
NEW YORK - Three former waiters at New York’s posh 21 Club, where a hamburger
costs $30, have filed a $5 million discrimination lawsuit saying they were fired for being French.

A $30 Hamburger?!? Holy Shit! That's highway robbery!
In a civil suit made public on Monday at Manhattan Supreme Court, the three men,
Rene Bordet, 68, Jean Claude Lesbre, 63 and Yves Thepault, 68, said the
restaurant’s management falsely accused them of drinking wine on the job and
“created and fostered an environment rife with anti-French sentiment.”

A Frenchman drink wine on the job? Quelle suprise! I mean it. I'm shocked. Aren't they weaned on wine? What's the big deal? Did it make them ruder than normal to the patrons? I would believe that! Typical. Just typical. These Frogs are used to sucking at the welfare teat that is the French Government and the EU bureaucracy. They come to America and find us less than accomodating, expecting employees to be not under the influence while on duty and what do they do? They sue. Friggin' Frogs. Go HOME! Go back and suck on your personal teat, work only 30 hours/week, and enjoy your six weeks of vacation.
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