Tuesday, September 06, 2005
Mommy & Me
Week 22 is here. Does it seem to you (as it does to me) that I should have had this baby by now? I'm tired of being pregnant. Those stories of "it is the best you'll ever feel in your life" are pure crap. I've definitely felt better. Pick any day and it was probably better than any pregnant day. Anyhoo, here's what the experts have to say about this week:
The baby is probably close to a pound and very thin but very developed. The
eyelids and eyebrows are now formed, and the brain begins rapid growth. If your
baby is a boy, his testes have begun their descent from the pelvis to the

Brains are good. Brains are important. We are hoping that she'll be clever and a thinker. Although, if this child turns out like my cousin Karla's first, she may be the death of me. Zach (Karla's first son) was asking questions about gravity, the Earth's rotation, why the sky is blue, and where God lives when he was two years old. And Zach? Zach wasn't appeased with the simple explanations - oh no! - he wanted the NASA version. And if he didn't think you had it right, he'd totally call you on it. So, you couldn't answer a Zach question without an extensive google.

Don't get me wrong, curiosity is a marvelous thing. And, I'd much rather have a Zach on my hands than some bump on a log, but man! that kid was a lot of work!

On the baby homefront, I can report that the baby's bedroom is now painted and looks beautiful. We did a faux finish in pale pinks, much to Prince Charming's chagrin. He seems to think that every room in the house should be decorated in University of Wisconsin Badger's Red and White. That would surely lead to a psychosis of some sort, I'm sure.


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