Friday, October 21, 2005
How Cool is That?
I know, I need to update my blogroll again. What can I say? However, I've been meaning to give props to the American Geek. I enjoy the Heritage Quotes.

Today I realized that USAdave must be an Aggie.

I was very close to becoming an Aggie myself. I had a scholarship to the MBA program there, but then I was offered a promotion at work and, well...never got my MBA. Maybe after the baby?

We'll see. I might be able to do one of those weekend programs.

Still. How cool is the American Geek? And how about them Aggies, huh?
posted by Phoenix | 10:15 AM


At 7:09 PM, Anonymous Dave said...

Hi Phoenix!

Thanks for your kind words about my blog.

I guess the ATM gave me away, eh?

If you do check my blog on occasion, then my readership has doubled! More than that if I don't count me! Wow!

Seriously, I check your blog almost every day. I guess I'm partial to expectant moms (It's true, my wife will back me up on this), though I just enjoy reading the thoughts, stories, and memories that you share in your blog.

Hope you do make it to Aggieland for that MBA. It's a special place.

Take care . . .


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