Thursday, June 01, 2006
In 20 Years...
It turns out that I am going to be Director of the CIA. At least, that's what Christina seems to think. Who knew that writing the SpySistah Chronicles and seeing through the obvious cover stories offered by my real life SpySistah would qualify me for such a distinguished career path?

I was a bit worried, at first, about the confirmation hearings. After all, I have zero anticipation that the politics of personal destruction will have changed any in the Senate in 2026, but not to worry. Christina has promised to represent me at the hearings. You should never go in front of the Senate without a lawyer, in my opinion.

Actually, the blogosphere is a veritable breeding ground for the soon-to-be-famous and other types of breeding grounds too...

Silk is going to have a castle full, and have to keep up with Nugget too.
Amelie is going to win not one, but two Nobel Prizes.
Kathy has a string of best sellers and one movie in production.
And Phin is hosting Miss America.

I'd better start working on my CV, huh?
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At 12:22 PM, Anonymous Christina said...

You are awesome!!

There is nothing you cannot do!

; )


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