Thursday, March 29, 2007
Catch-22 or You Can't Please Dictators Any of the Time
You don't want to miss this story.

Fidel Castro has Weekend-at-Bernie-d an article in the newspaper, once again condemning the United States of America.

Why this time, you ask? Well, thank you for asking.

Mr. Castro takes exception to the United States seeking alternative fuels - in this case biofuels (like ethanol from corn and soy diesel) - and claims that "more than 3 billion people in the world were condemned to die prematurely of hunger or thirst from plans by his ideological foe, the United States, to convert foodstuffs like corn into fuel for cars."

Things are so much rosier, you see, in that piss-pot of a third-world hell-hole, Cuba.

He goes on:
"This is not an exaggerated figure, it's more likely cautious," Castro wrote in the ruling Communist Party's daily newspaper. "I've been meditating quite a bit since President Bush's meeting with North American automobile makers."

Meditating? More likely feeding the worms, Bernie. Methinks you've rejoined the carbon cycle of life and your successor is too afraid to let the truth be known. Whatever.

The point is, we are damned either way. If we continue to use foreign energy sources, we are depleting the world's resources to feed our lust of the open road at the expense of the third world. If we turn crops - like corn and soybeans - into renewable energy sources (we can grow another crop every year), then we are depriving those developing nations of the excess foodstuffs that we would ordinarily donate or offer on the cheap to these people. By finding an alternate use for these crops, we create demand and therefore cause the price to increase, making it harder for the poor people of the world to eat, hence the starvation.

Fuck me twice on Tuesdays, I guess. There apparently is no solution. The whole world is going to hell in a handbasket and The United States of America is to blame, according to the loony left, Fidel and Friends, an assorted grab-bag of the world's dictators, and those 9/11 "Truthers".

What a stupid SOB. You try to be more ecologically minded and they accuse you of planning to starve the poor. No win.

You just can't please dictators any of the time.
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