Thursday, March 29, 2007
The good news is there was no puking last night and I didn't have to wake to the realization that I am the worst Mommy in the world for having a child sleep in vomit. Bunny Boop seems to be on the mend, at least I think she is.

When we got home yesterday afternoon she fell asleep and wasn't interested in waking for her supper or a bath. As such, she went to bed and didn't wake until 5 am this morning - nearly 12 hours later. Apparently she needed some rest. This didn't overly disrupt my morning schedule, though. I dressed her and let her lounge on the floor on a blanket watching Noggin and drinking milk. She was fine. Eventually we went downstairs and had breakfast.

Also, I was finally able to give away the old washer and dryer last night. The first people I was going to give it to, through Freecycle, never showed up and didn't respond to multiple messages. The also didn't call me to reschedule (they had my number but I didn't have theirs). Yesterday I re-offered them to the 18 people who hadn't gotten it the last time telling them the first response would get them. They were gone by 8 pm last night. So that's done.

I also got my hair cut yesterday. I'm getting things done left and right!


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