Monday, May 14, 2007
Fourth Runner-Up: THMQ Fourth Annual Horrible College Student Poetry Competition
I came in as Fourth Runner Up.

Which is like being Miss Montana, always losing to Miss Illinois, Miss Kentucky, and Miss Texas.

Still, it is nice to be acknowledged. Kinda like getting a parking ticket...

Anyway, click over and read all the poems that were deemed better (or would that be worse?) than mine. There's always next year, I guess.

And hey, at least my poem rhymed. That takes thought it does. And planning.

By the by, my entry is reprinted for your edification below:

Laundry List of Filthy Dirty Super-bad Evil Warmongering Neo-Con Conspiracies

Corsets, PMS, Bloat
High Heels, hoop skirts, no vote

9/11, Katrina, Sars
Fat Rich White Men Sucking Cigars

“Illegal” Immigration
fossil-fuel addicted nation
Not enough castration

Lacrosse Rapists Walk
Because of those damn war hawks

White penis power
Denies the victims of the clock tower
Like Cho

Pantyhose are evil too
Blame it all on the Jew


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