Tuesday, May 01, 2007
Technology War
I believe that I am under attack.

Yes. That must be it. There is no other possible explanation.

My hands-free device for my cell phone has never been right. It makes calls of its own volition. It indiscriminately ends calls that I initiated. Hell, it even hangs up on calls it made all on its own.

This was how the war started.

Yesterday we had a pretty serious escalation. My ipod won't sync all of my video. I have somewhere around 500 songs and ~30 video files. All of the songs show up, but only 3 of the videos are available. Even after multiple resyncs. Even after restoring the factory settings, updating software, and then resyncing. I was up until 10 pm last night trying to get the rest of the video to sync.

This morning I woke to the wholly unwelcome realization that my robotic vacuum (which is set to run every Monday night) decided to eat the USB cable that syncs my ipod. So now, even if I could figure out what was the problem with my ipod, I have to wait until the replacement cable arrives.

It is so stressful and worrisome. I am, of course, perplexed with the ipod difficulties. I am even more concerned that my technology is about to take over, a la Maximum Overdrive.

I mean, what's next? Will my ovens decide to cook supper without my knowledge? Will my mixer beat me (tee hee)?

Calgon, take me away!


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