Monday, June 18, 2007
The Weekend from Hell
Despite an early start on Friday, the weekend sucked. It sucked hard.

Saturday morning we were up and at 'em at 5 a.m. We got everybody in and out of the shower and packed our clothes for the wedding we would be attending later that day. We piled into the Jeep and headed toward the river. Bunny Boop was out of sorts that morning and we had to bribe her with a handful of m&m's mid-way through the trip to stop the screaming. Lovely. Five m&m's later, she was asleep and peace had been restored. Which was good, because Prince Charming was moments away from turning the car around and going home.

In retrospect, it would have been better if he had done so.

We got down to Prince Charming's parents' house and it was insufferably hot. Well, it wasn't really the heat that was the problem, but the humidity. It was just wretched. My little family was terribly uncomfortable. There was no a/c on in the house and there was no breeze outside. I felt like it was high noon at the OK corral and I was about to be gunned down. It was stifling, miserable, and thinking caused the sweat to pour. Which, you should know, made the prospect of getting into wedding clothes all that much more onerous. And yet, we did it. We even got dressed early so as to have an excuse to climb into the Jeep and get air conditioned before the wedding.

Bunny Boop was still irritable, though at this time I was blaming it on the heat and humidity. We got to the wedding and blissfully, the church felt like a refrigerator. So, that part was nice. Of course, it was a Catholic wedding, so it took considerable time. And, Bunny Boop, being a toddler with a mind of her own, wasn't keen on sitting through the service. So, Prince Charming and I took turns playing with her outside. Yep. Sweating in dress clothes. Delightful. After the church service, we again retreated to the Jeep and made our way to the bar. Because it is local custom to have a 2-4 hour break between the wedding and the reception. Of all the things that irritate me, this ranks right up there. They do this so that the photographer can take the wedding photos. Why this can't be done before the ceremony, or why they can't start the reception before the photos are done, I don't know. But that 4 hour intermission really sucks for people who have traveled to the wedding from out of town.

Anyway, we wasted some time at the bar and then made our way to the reception hall which was brand new and very nice. I only had two complaints: first, for all the money they spent, they could have put a changing table in the ladies room and second, all those windows need window coverings.

Bunny Boop went down for a nap and I had a drink. We had a decent meal at the reception (typical of these types of things - not great, but not horrible - standard buffet fair) but that brought up another complaint. Why do they not instruct people to wait until all of the children go through the line first? Geez, Louise. Anyway, we didn't stick around after the meal. Bunny Boop had had enough, as had her father and I.

We drive home to his parents' house and discover that in our absence it has turned into an oven. Thankfully, Prince Charming's father had instructed us to turn on the a/c when we got home. So, I'm standing in the kitchen, holding Bunny and trying to remove her shoes when she vomits on me. It caught me quite by surprise. I called to my husband, not wanting to get vomit all over his mother's home. She vomited again. I called to him again, getting more desperate. She vomited again, I shouted. She vomited again, I screamed. By this time, I have a giant pool of vomit soaking through my blouse, all down my front, on the floor by my bare feet, and all over Bunny. We are a vomit-soaked miserable mess. Finally, Prince Charming comes back to the kitchen from turning on the a/c in the basement.

"Your daughter is sick. I need your help, I'm covered in vomit and don't want to get it all over the house."

"Oh. Is that what you were shouting about?"

"Yes. Can you help me out here?"

So, we stripped naked, Bunny and I, in the driveway and made our way to the shower. She was still feeling punky. I could tell because she was clinging to me in the shower. We cleaned up and cooled down and I gave her some milk. She drank it down and was about to fall asleep when Prince Charming decided she needed a little cough medicine before bed. He administered the medicine and vwch! More vomit. I am covered in vomit again. Again with the vomit stink. Bigger problem? I'm now out of non-vomit soaked clothes. We clean up Bunny again who is now wide awake and feeling much better. She wants to play! So we let her. Grandma comes home at this point and is greatly disturbed to find the a/c on.

Prince Charming explains that Bunny is sick and that the a/c is necessary and "Dad said to turn it on." She wasn't pleased. She was convinced that Bunny wasn't really sick. All that vomit would suggest otherwise, but whatever. I'm sure it is just a case of my being a horrible mother. I'm thoroughly convinced that she was either coming down with the flu or the heat of the day disagreed with her. She finally settled down again around midnight (after about 2 hours of pretend playing that she was Finn, retrieving the ball - Finn is a dog). At this point, she led me to the fridge and pointed to the milk, so we tried again. She drank some milk and then went to sleep.

I went to bed in Prince Charming's dirty shirt which at least was vomit free. We got up the next morning and departed early and headed home. Bunny got a bath when we got home to get the last of the vomit stink off of her (she didn't get a second bath the night before, just a wipe down). A few hours later she was running a fever. I let her sleep and dosed her with Tylenol, the whole time worrying myself into a dither. She had a fever all through the night and it finally broke around 3 am this morning.

So, to sum up my weekend, it goes like this:

hot, hot, hot, humidhot, humidhot, sweaty icky, sweaty icky, sweaty icky hothumid, vomit, vomit, vomit!, vomit! cleanup, vomit! home, fever worry, fever worry, no sleep, fever worry, no sleep, fever worry, no sleep, fever worry, no sleep, fever worry, shower (and the end of the vomit stench on me), work.

So, yeah, I'm irritable. What of it?
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At 12:42 PM, Anonymous Christina said...

No offense to Prince Charming, but the maw-in-law sounds like a real winner.

Sorry you had a sick wee one, but hopefully, she is much better now.


At 6:40 PM, Blogger Caltechgirl said...

oh my. I am so glad Bunny is better.

At 10:21 AM, Anonymous Oddybobo said...

Oh, the heat will do that to the babies. Too much all in one day, equals sick baby. I'd got the vomit all over maw in law's house . . . you know, to prove bunny was sick. I'm so glad she is feeling better!


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