Monday, July 30, 2007
Starting the Week with an Adventure
Monday. As a rule, I despise Mondays. It is a grim reminder that I am not among the ladies of leisure, the Ladies Who Lunch, but the Working Women. Somedays it sucks not to be a trust fund baby, I tell ya. What I wouldn't give for a couple of oil wells on the farm...

Anyhoo, today's rat race actually began with a rat-type obstacle course. Have you seen that Kia commercial where a bunch of cars are playing the equivalent of musical chairs - except with cars and parking spaces? When the music stops, all the cars rush to find a free parking space. That's sort of what my morning commute was like.

Now, I live in a bedroom community. We live in a far suburb (if you stretch the definition) of Madison. Our hometown is, to reference the Goldilock's terminology, just right. Not too big, not too small. Running through this fair village, from north to south, is a set of railroad tracks. No big deal, the trains run through at about 2 a.m. and we live far enough away that the train never wakes us.

The train was an issue this morning, however. Our morning began as usual, with Bunny Boop sleeping until I was putting on my jewelry. I got her ready and both of us breakfasted and then we geared up and loaded into the Jeep. Phase One complete. Next: Child Deployment.

I steered my way the 5 blocks toward the sitter's house but found my way blocked. The train that goes through at 2 a.m. decided to stop, sitting in the middle of town on the rails, effectively bisecting the village and making east-west travel impossible. Now, if you live on the west side of the tracks, this is no big deal because you can get to the interstate. We, however, live on the east side of town. The babysitter lives on the west side of about 150 feet. Literally, I could not get there. After racing around town for a while looking for an east-west running road that was clear, I punted. I went back to the highway and headed south. I turned west at the first road clearly outside of town and meandered my way into town managing to miss the train.

Then I had to backtrack back to go to work. I was like a rat on a wheel, I swear. It stressed me out! But, it is okay. I was only 5 minutes late and I have recovered. But, you have to wonder what the rest of the week is going to be like if this is how it begins.


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