Tuesday, October 16, 2007
On being one of 'the regulars'
It is official.

I am now a "regular" at two local establishments and it is paying off.

This morning, for example, I made my regular trek across the street for my caffeine fix and some breakfast. I usually eat breakfast at home, but I ran out of time this morning, hence the need for sustenance. Unfortunately, all of the baked goods (donuts, bagels, etc.) were already gone by 7:59 a.m. when I walked in the door. Alas! And, woe was my tummy!

So, after some internal gnashing of teeth, I expressed my dismay at how early one had to be to beat the masses to the trough. Carol, the the sweet little lady there who makes a point to talk to me every morning, said she had a solution. She went back to the oven and got me one of the fresh-from-the-oven muffins. Cranberry or cinnamon she asked. Cinnamon! So, I took my still very warm cinnamon bran muffin and it gave me a warm belly. Very satisfying. This is what comes of being predictable...or a mouthy bitch, but I prefer to err on the nice side of the equation.

And then, I went to Subway to get lunch and the girl at the counter made my sandwich without having to ask me what I wanted. Then, I handed her the exact change without her having to tell me the total. I suppose this is a big flashing neon sign that I am a creature of habit.

Still, I feel like Norm, sitting in my spot at the bar, waiting for Sam to say something sarcastic to Diane.


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