Thursday, January 24, 2008
Bibi the Bad
Regular readers will recognize the title of this post as being a harbinger of another Bunny Boop story.

Bibi is Bunny Boop's most prized possession, her pastel afghan blanket, hand crocheted by my own aunt. Bibi is more than just a blanket, however.

She is friend, playmate, comfort, and toy all wrapped up into a neat little package. Bibi is almost human, in fact, as this story would suggest. Today's story serves nicely to further that point.

Last night, Bunny Boop was playing make believe with bibi. I'm not exactly sure what they were playing, but they were playing some sort of thing where bibi got dragged around behind Bunny Boop and got snagged on furniture.

At one point, Bunny Boop becomes quite animated. She turns around pointing and wagging her finger at bibi and says:

"NO, Bibi. No."

A brief moment passes, where in the silence one might imagine bibi responding.

Bunny Boop does not tolerate sassing back and says, "NO, Bibi, NO!"

I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. I wonder where she picked that act up, eh?


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