Wednesday, June 11, 2008
Mother Nature & Universe Collude to Take Me Down a Notch
So, there I was, merrily walking across the street as I do every weekday at that time.

And, it is such a lovely day, I am noting to myself the cool breeze and the way that Nature, even in it's civilized, manicured forms, has a calming effect. How wonderful, I think to myself, it would be to take a play day. Have a picnic, enjoy the weather. Oh, how youth and free time are wasted on the young.


A wet patch of grass takes me down, face first, into said wet grass.

Mother Nature is such a bitch! Now I have grass stains and nature's equivalent of road rash.

Oh, and my manicure suffered for the take down too.


UPDATE: That Bitch! I thought I had come out of my take down relatively unscathed. Not so! My whole body aches now. It isn't just my pride, it is my arms, legs, hips, back, wrist, ankle, neck...I feel like I've been run over.


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