Friday, September 19, 2008
Things that I know
1. Much better to be an American mother today than a Chinese mother. Fuckohdear, but that shit isn't funny.

2. If you are watching the markets, you are going to need either Pepto or Maalox, depending on your particular stomach.

3. Barack Obama has gone from bad for this country to a fucking disaster. Seriously. His advisors are some of the schmucks responsible for the Fannie Mae AIG debacle. Didja know that? Didja know his good buddy and Finance Chair Penny Pritzker is partly responsible for the whole subprime mess? The good news is that they have been extremely generous to his campaign coffers, so I'm sure they won't be thrown under the bus too soon.

4. The Obama campaign has been doing it's damnedest to renew race wars in the US. If you are so bold to challenge Obama, by God YOU ARE A RACIST. So much for "new politics". This is just old school Chicago Machine shit, folks. If you think that's new, I have some ocean front property for sale on the farm. In Kansas. Some people clearly smell shit and think it smells purty, I don't have any other explanation. If you are still under the misconception that Obama would be good for the country, ask yourself if you ever want to have an opinion that is your own again. 'Cause that's just about what it is coming to. Obama is advocating that his people get all militant and shout in their friends and neighbors faces in their support of him. Note to friends and family: this girl is NOT going to like that. Sell your bullshit to somebody who needs fertilizer, I'm good.

5. This whole hacking of Sarah Palin's email...some asshole is going to jail. Do not pass "go", do not collect $200.

6. And, because I'm missing my daddy this morning I'm going to quote him "Jesus Jumpin' Christ on a pogo stick!"
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