Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Shame, shame, shame
They should be ashamed of themselves!

How dare the political foes of the President count the number of times he refers to 9/11/01 in a speech to the American people. It is disgusting to me.

September 11 belongs to me. And you. And even them too, I suppose. I am a survivor. No, I wasn't on a plane, or in a tower, on base, or even at the Pentagon. But I survived it just the same. I bled internally that day, for all of the losses to this country that I love. And to this day, I cling to that pain as a reminder of what this country is all about.

Some people, apparently, weren't hurt the same way that day. Either that, or they are the type who feels that you shouldn't talk about pain, like it is something to be ashamed of in the way some women hide the evidence of domestic abuse or a smoking habit.

I shall not be ashamed of September 11th. I shall wear it as a badge of courage. I shall not wimper quietly in the corner and lick my wounds, but wear the scars with pride - and fight. As is my right.

Perhaps some people in this country need reminding of the big picture, and that is why the President brought up the issue. It seems perfectly sensible to me when the very memorial for the attacks has been turned into some hand-wringing, self-hating, blame-America pity party that in fact has little to do with September 11 and a great deal to do with the inhumanity of man. It seems more than reasonable, in fact, given the daily Democratic proclamations of 'quagmire' and 'torture'. No Raisin Bran for Saddam today? That poor suffering bastard! No humus for the orange-jump-suited detainees at Gitmo? Call the ACLU and Amnesty International - it's an outrage.

It seems to me that far too many people are more concerned with the daily lives of criminals and murderers who wish them dead than the 3,000 innocent Americans who died that day, or even the right to make their deaths not be in vain.

I bleed inside everytime I hear of another American soldier's death. But, I know that they believed, as I do, in Freedom, in Liberty, and in the mission.

I believe that these deniers of September 11th - those that feel it isn't an appropriate subject and not for discussion - are just ashamed of how they feel. And I think that is very sad indeed. But I won't be held to the same shame. You hit me and I'll punch you right back. I'm nobody's victim and neither is this country.

If you want talking points, why don't you come up with an original idea for once instead of blathering on endlessly about things that make you look stupid. To be honest, those assholes at Gitmo have got it a hell of a lot better than I'd be treating them if it were up to me. And if it were up to me, we'd talk about September 11th everyday and show the footage on television all the time. We should not be allowed to forget. Those that unwittingly gave their lives deserve better.

Some people would rather just forget it, but they are living in a fantasy. I'd like to go back to September 10th and prevent it too, but the time machine is broken. The fact of the matter is we are at war. We are at war. War was declared on us, in a shocking and violent attack upon our homeland on innocent civilians. How do you forget that? How can you avoid the truth? Is it a coincidence that since we took the war to the enemy's home there have been no further attacks here? That's ridiculous. Of course they are preoccupied - we're kicking their asses, hunting them down, and generally making their lives hell. I won't apologize for it.

I won't be ashamed. I shall hold my head up high and NEVER FORGET. Shout it to the rooftops: September 11, September 11, September 11. If they don't want to lead, if they are content avoiding the truth and sticking their heads in the sand, that is their business. But I won't be a party to it. I shall not be ashamed.
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