Thursday, October 18, 2007
Bunny Boop Update
So, it has been a while since I've baby blogged, but I'm in the mood to brag a bit. Skip on by if it bores you to tears.

Bunny Boop is growing up so fast! The high chair is a thing of the past. We have rolled it into storage and our little girl now sits at the table - in her spot - in a booster seat. She mostly insists on feeding herself and gets seriously peeved if you interfere (no matter the reason). She is also learning to drink from a real cup. She's still on plastic and isn't allowed more than 1.5 inches of liquid in the cup at a time, but this is real progress.

Her vocabulary continues to expand. Why, just yesterday she said "thank you" clear as a bell, though she hasn't repeated it since. She say's "night-night" at bedtime. She say's "car." She understands about alot more words that she hasn't deigned to speak herself, however. She has a favorite toy (one of those new-fangled etch-a-sketch that you draw on instead of using the dials) and a favorite thing: her afghan blanket which she calls "be-be." Her bedtime routine is set and she now pulls the covers up over herself. She will soon be moving to a big-girl bed (with safety rails) and the crib will be rolled into the guest room.

My little one acts like a grown up more and more everyday. I bought her a new coat on Monday night. She saw it for the first time on Tuesday morning and wouldn't leave the house unless she was wearing it. I think Prince Charming's hopes for a tomboy have been dashed on the rocks. And this isn't just because she loves her purple coat - she also enjoys playing with mommy's makeup brushes, nail polish, chapstick...I think I have a girly-girl on my hands.

An obstinate and independent girly-girl. I can't imagine where that came from...


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