Wednesday, February 13, 2008
What Men Want for Valentine's Day and something for the ladies too
The Maximum Leader has a post up about What Men Want for Valentine's Day and in true Demystifying Diva fashion (we're still taking applications), I feel the need to offer up a rebuttal.

Don't get me wrong. I am a huge fan of The Maximum Leader and intend to be instrumental in his administration when the New Order arrives. But, I need to distinguish myself and like-minded sisters from the pack for The Maximum Leader and his male minions.

First off, the Maximum Leader takes issue with some Yahoo article's metrosexual spin on what men want. Let me assure you, I don't know any woman who wants a metrosexual man! So, we agree on this point, in an oblique way.

The Maximum Leader then contends that the #1 item on Men's Valentine's Day wish list is sex. Hallelujah! That's at the top of most women's lists too! I do not doubt what the Maximum Leader says is true. I know that men want sex on most days. So do I, however.

The Maximum Leader then suggests that the second item on the list is flannel. Oookay. I'm not going to question this one because it gets awful cold in February here too, I'm just not sure that flannel is sexy enough or special enough to be a Valentine's Day gift. But, here again, I'll give him a pass. If the man wants flannel, get him flannel.

The third item on the list is a firearm. To that I say - this works for women too! I'd like something with a bit more stopping power, something that will fit easily in my hand and yet slide nicely into a handbag.

The last item that The Maximum Leader requests from the ladies is lowered expectations. The Maximum Leader seems to feel that we ladies lay on the pressure for men to lay out cash for chocolate, flowers, and diamonds. I suspect that there are some simple-minded ninnies who prefer this traditional or mass-market approach to Valentine's Day. But, not all. Oh no, gentlemen. Not all women require this Holiday by Hallmark/Hershey's/FTD/Jared's approach.

Don't get me wrong. I love chocolate and roses, diamonds and a sentimental card now and then.

But, a well thought-out plan impresses me more. Light a candle and let's eat by candlelight then cuddle on the couch. Dance with me to our song. Chase me up the stairs.

Romance isn't flowers, chocolate, and diamonds. That is just the window dressing! Romance is in the heart. Recreate our first date or a memorable moment. Take me back to that hotel...

Just don't, whatever you do, make out that the pressure you feel at this time of the year is my fault. That is a total turn-off! I'm not the brand manager or marketing director for any of those companies. I don't expect any of those things. I'd prefer that you just make a special moment for us.

And, honey, you can light my fire with a 50 cent candle and a bic.


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