Friday, June 02, 2006
Blogvella: Chapter Five
I promise you, you are going to love the finale to the Blogvella. Christina hit a homerun, but then, I told you I got a sneak peak.

Anyway, just in case you still haven't read the other chapters, here are the links again:

Chapter One, by me: The Reluctant Assasin
Chapter Two, by Nugget: The Cleaner
Chapter Three, by Theresa: House of Cards
Chapter Four, by Silk: Beautiful Death

And...with much fanfare, the finale...

Chapter Five, by Christina: Deal Killer

Totally worth the wait!

If this doesn't convince you that group writing can produce amazing results, I don't know what will.
posted by Phoenix | 9:46 AM


At 10:12 AM, Anonymous Christina said...

Many thanks, dear friend!

I am in your debt for your kind words and spectacular opening chapter!

You set the stage for success.

; )


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