Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Weekend Events
I was at a conference over the weekend in Chicago and had a great time. It had the very real potential of being a snooze fest, I'm not going to lie to you.

But, there were high points. I got to hear/see Dennis Hastert speak (Very cool) about personal responsibility and what to expect from the new administration. My husband and I went to ESPN Zone (very loud). I got to see The Beatles perform.

That probably shocks you. It did me. We saw a Beatles tribute band called American English. They were so amazing! They sounded just like the Fab Four, down to the way they spoke. We danced and had a great time, but were mostly mystified by the band's portrayal.

We partied at Navy Pier, had excellent food, it was a really good time.

Bunny Boop spent the weekend with "Gram" and is still doing exceptionally well on the potty-training.

We missed her, of course. Still, it was good to get away, however briefly.
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